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Artist Statement

My work does not reference any fastidious form, but rather, feature more of an eclectic blend of mixed media, illustrations, and original digital art pieces.

I frequently experiment with my own inventive processes, while often creating pieces using whatever happens to inspire me at the time, transcending a notion into a unique piece of work.

About Artist

HI, I’m Kimberly McGuiness, I’m a self-taught artist and designer who works in a variety of media, with my thought progressions being organic in nature.

I have always been a creative spirit my whole life, but, my true love has been for my art since I was in elementary school. My artwork received a Certificate of Achievement from the Florida Winter Park Arts Festival in 1976-1977. I went through the grades exploring art and developing my creativity through my high school graduation.

My life took a different turn when I was blessed with my daughter Julia in 1988. She is a ray of sunshine surrounded by an infectious loving spirit who is living with deaf autism. After her birth, my art was on hold for many years until 2008 when I started back with my journaling which then lead me to where I am today with my work. I currently live and work in Cave Spring, Ga.


My creations are contemplative moments in my mind, where vision and energy masterfully undergo a metamorphosis. Patterns and textures from nature, cultures around the world and my own imagination are my greatest influences.

Some of my grooviest inspirations come from flowers. I’m profoundly intrigued and amazed by the beauty which can come from the tiniest of seeds, it’s just amazing. The beautiful, texture, and color all make for a fabulous kick starter for some of my more whimsy pieces.

Fine lined pens, paper tiles, art canvases, wood, paint, recycled materials and the computer are among my favorite tools in giving my creations life.

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View my full resume, including volunteer and advocacy work here.

Visit Julia's World Project, a blog inspired by my daughter who is living with deaf autism.

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