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October 22, 2018

The Creative Kind: Supporting The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program

I'm so excited and honored to be participating in the Creative Kind auction this month.
The group is created for the purpose of offering beautiful art for auction once a month, where a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of the artists choice. This month 20% of winning bids will be donated to the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program.   
original art up for auction to support the salvation Army Angel TreeThis program provides Christmas for children that would otherwise not receive anything. On their Angel tree tag children ask for things like; a coat, shoes, bedding, diapers and of course a couple toys. No child should wake up Christmas morning with nothing under their tree. 
During the month of November, the Angel Trees are placed around town at different businesses. With your help, we hope to help Natalie and her family choose many children from the tree. This is an annual tradition near and dear to her. Items will be donated to the Idaho Falls Salvation Army location. 
Auction details✨ 
Opens October 23 at 11am EST. 
Closes October 24 at 9pm EST.

We invite you to come over to the auction beginning 11am est. Tuesday, October 23rd-24th and have a look at all the gorgeous pieces available. Put in some bids and participate in the giveaways too. Rember 20% of winning bids will be donated to the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program.   

Here is a peek at more pieces I'm offering for the auction this month. 

original art up for auction to support the salvation Army Angel Tree

original art up for auction to support the salvation Army Angel Tree

October 18, 2018

Christmas Village, Cartersville 2018

I'm so super excited about this event coming up November 2-3, 2018! Come out, join in the fun and get some early gift-giving crossed off your list and support local arts, crafters, and small business. We'll see ya soon!
Christmas Village in Cartersville, Ga., shopping, holiday, Clarence Brown Center


October 11, 2018

Fiddlin’ Fest Between the Rivers 2018

Fiddlin’ Fest Between the Rivers Transforms Downtown Rome Into One Giant Street Festival Featuring Bluegrass Music & Vintage Fun, this is where you can find me this weekend. Come out and enjoy the fun!

Saturday, October 13, 2018 12pm -7pm


October 10, 2018

Star Catcher: I finally caught one!

whimsical line and shape art with figure in yellow hat; stars on face and clothes
©Kimberly McGuiness
Remember laying in the grass as a child and looking up at the stars wishing you could catch one of them? Besides Hundertwasser, this is the inspiration behind my newest piece, 'Star Catcher'.

I love the shapes, lines, and colors of this piece. Although it's inspired by Hundertwasser and his life work of bringing humanity and nature together in harmony, I've finally developed my own style under his influence. I'm so excited and simply overjoyed about this new growth in my work.

I honestly feel like I've caught a star and I'm forever grateful. My art has been a wish for so long in my life. Always wondering if I would be able to become a working artist, what my style would be like and how it would develop. Even though I have my hands in other mediums and experiments it's always the practice with each piece that helps me to grow into what is already waiting for me to know, learn, do and then share with the world.

This piece is a 9x12 mixed media on mixed media paper. I used watercolor, ink, salt. I also like to digitally enhance or manipulate a piece in Photoshop. For me, it's a way to take full advantage of technology to bring about different versions of the same piece giving it endless possibilities with color and shape. This is the result I kept from the image above:
whimsical line and shape art with stars, swirls and circles
©Kimberly McGuiness
I love how this digital piece ended up presenting itself. Thanks for looking! Feel free to pin, post, share & tweet :)

October 2, 2018

Gaining Empowerment Through Self-Care, Creative Play & Fun

©2018 Kimberly McGuiness
How many times have you felt empowered to take a chance? Take a leap of faith? To just go for it? Whatever 'IT' may have been?

Empowerment is defined as “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life."

Looking for something to move us forward in a positive way these days can be a task in of itself, right? The world is full of uncertainty and heavy energy.

Gaining empowerment through self-care, creative play and some fun is a must these days. With each card, you pull empower prompts to give you what you need to know or to be reminded of to get your day jump started. It could be art journaling, painting, meditation, being with friends, it's whatever the prompts bring and means to you.

Personal empowerment begins with a bit of self-awareness. Knowing and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses can go a long way in having a realistic view of oneself. This deck of cards may be able to help you along that path.
©2018 Kimberly McGuiness

This is a glimpse of what the front of the cards looks like. The artwork is my own and comes from the 50 best cards from #the100dayproject.
They are bright colorful and have a wonderfully smooth finish on both the front and back. They are 2 3/4 inches wide x 4 3/4 inches tall and feel so yummy to hold!

The back of each card has 2 questions and a prompt related to the word on the front of the card. They are the perfect starter card for personal or group art classes or journaling.

©2018 Kimberly McGuiness
To get you started here are some other examples of how the cards can be used......

-Leave one on your co-worker's desk and at lunchtime answer the questions in a group.
-Leave one with a tip to the waitress
-Include one in your bill payment you mail
- Include a single card in each of the holiday cards you send out this year
- Use the cards at family dinners or get-togethers as conversation starters. Let one person draw a card and let each person at the table answer the prompts.
- Randomly leave one on a table at a coffee shop, library, etc.
-Use with other cards decks & for affirmations
-Use prompts with your children on a game night as conversation starters
-Use them in book club groups or other monthly meet-ups

Pre-Orders: October 2-15, 2018.  This will be the first run. 

The deck makes a great gift and with the holidays fast approaching you can get a head start by crossing some early gift giving off your list with your purchase :)

This deck is self-published and currently there is an approx.2 week turn around before I get them in, however, the closer we get to the holidays the longer the turnaround. Once I get them and inspect all is good they will be mailed out to you. The printing schedule is beyond my control so I would strongly suggest if you are considering this deck is to get in on the first run and purchase now

I've been working really hard the past several months to bring you this 50 card deck of Empower Prompts for Self-Care, Creative Play, and Fun! I can't tell you how happy and excited I am about this, it's a dream come true for me and I hope you find value in this deck and that they truly enrich and empower your day!

October 1, 2018

Available for Pre-order: Paper Clay 'I Love You' Magnets

These hand-made 'I Love You' magnets have received great reviews and have sold out each time they have been offered! We've gotten requests for more of these so they are now available for Pre-order through October 15, 2018.
Place Order Here
Your magnets will be made (in this same likeness above but will not be exact) and shipped in October by the end of the month to allow for your gift-giving needs. If you request expedited service for this item there will be an additional charge. We will not be taking any other orders for these until sometime in 2019. Thank you so much for supporting Julia and her abilities we are forever grateful!

September 25, 2018

Hundertwasser and Architecture: Harmony with Nature & Man

My journey continues with Hundertwasser inspiration and his belief that architecture should be in harmony with nature and man. Here are a couple of my latest pieces. I have more in the pipeline I'll share as I get them complete. ~enjoy

©2018 Kimberly McGuiness

'Friedensreich Hundertwasser started out as a painter. Since the early 1950s, however, he increasingly became focused on architecture, writing and reading in public .’ advocating natural forms of decay. In 1972, he had his first architectural models made for the TV-show ‘Wünsch dir was', in order to demonstrate his ideas on forested roofs, "tree tenants" and the "window right" of every tenant to embellish the facade around his windows. In these models, Hundertwasser also developed new architectural shapes, such as the "eye-slit" house and the "high-rise meadow house".[1] ~source Wikipedia


August 9, 2018

Look Book Series 15: The Mayor

“If the artist is not completely surprised at what he is painting, then it isn’t a good picture. I want to be surprised by my own pictures. I want to keep on discovering my own pictures.” ~Hundertwasser

©Kimberly McGuiness, inspired by Hundertwasser

My Hundertwasser inspired journey continues with this 20x20 piece titled, 'The Mayor'. A repurposed wrapped canvas is the perfect fit. Enjoy the lookbook and feel free to share, post, pin, and tweet! :) 



August 7, 2018

Look Book Series 14: City Center

"When I paint, I do not try to force the process. I allow myself to be led. That way I cannot make any mistakes.” Hundertwasser had a lively imagination and plenty of ideas. Some of which he turned into paintings and others into buildings. He had a love for nature that was important to him throughout his life. It was the subject of his speeches and made him want to build and live in houses which were in harmony with nature.
©Kimberly McGuiness, inspired by F. Hundertwasser

As in Hundertwasser's quote above I just listened for direction and let the piece led me, the first time I’ve ever done that for an entire piece, that I can remember it was truly a special experience. No right or wrong but just doing what was requested. I hope I was a good steward with this 20x24 piece, titled, "City Center" in that it speaks to his vision and life’s work. I believe I’ll be in this place of harmony for a bit……enjoy the lookbook. Feel free to share, post, pin, and tweet! :) Additional resources below.



Other places of interest  The Hundertwasser Foundation

Hundertwasser's 82 works on WikiArt


July 19, 2018

Online Storefront Now Open

WOOHOOO!!!! The new online storefront is open to the public all across the world!! I'm so super excited and I can't seem to put into words how happy this makes me! This project has been a lot of work and I'm so super proud of the results.

Currently, the shop offers over 75 mixed media, home decor, and gifts, digital art pieces will become available by the end of the year. Be sure to check the shop often as pieces will be added.

I'm forever grateful for your patience and support as I worked to build this online shopping venue for you. I hope you enjoy the shopping experience and that I've made the process easy for you. I welcome any feedback you may have on your time spent in the shop.

Shop Now
Again, thank you so much for being here and following along on this creative journey with me. Your presence and support really mean the world to me. Thanks, bunches for taking the time to browse and shop. 

July 3, 2018

2nd Publish with Just Mixed Media

Scott Publications
WOW!!! My 2nd publish with Scott Publications! Last week I received a copy of the latest edition of Just Mixed Media magazine with my work published inside! I'm so super excited and grateful to the editor for her generosity of a full page and two 2 full page spreads featuring my work! 

Order your copy today to see the full collection


June 14, 2018

How to Make Leaf Bowls

I love nature and when I can use elements of nature in my work I love it even more. These leaf bowls are a great example. They are made using red bud leaves and wild grape leaves from our property. Watch the 15 minute demo video for what I have found works for me and I hope it gives you inspiration to make your own nature inspired pieces. Thanks bunches for taking the time to have a look. Feel free to post, pin, tweet, share :)

leaf bowls made using paper clay
Photo Credit ©Kimberly McGuiness