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February 19, 2019

VoyageATL Interview-Thought-Provokers: Marietta

©Julia McGuiness, Kimberly McGuiness

So I've been working on a little 'thing' over the past few weeks. An interview with VoyageATL !!
Read the full version of the interview on their website here

Here's a snippet about them: "We started the Voyage Group of Magazines in Los Angeles, with our flagship publication VoyageLA. After generating our first million page views in LA we knew our content was resonating with the community.

We’ve since grown to Atlanta and a handful of other amazing cities with the help of an amazing network of friends, associates, local insiders and influencers, PR firms, local bloggers, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and other professionals." You can find the full read about them here. 


February 6, 2019

Mop Paper Houses

wood shaped house with colorful paper on it
©Kimberly McGuiness
Mop paper houses are made by recycling the paper I put on my table to catch the paint and other stuff from my projects. When it's time to change it out I use it to create these houses or in other projects. The windows and doors are made using backgrounds I create on other paper so each house is unique and one of a kind. The papers are adhered to 3/4 inch common white wood. They come ready to hang and can also stand on their own on a shelf, table, desk or any other flat surface. The sides and back are painted black. Each house comes signed on the back and varies in size. Each house is measured at it's widest and tallest points.


February 3, 2019

New Work: Heart Fire

Newest 11x14 mixed media piece from my art journal, 'Heart Fire' I used acrylic, ink, colored pencils the symbols on her check are moon glyphs I combined they stand for fire-energy-power....enjoy :)
mixed media with turquoise and red striped hair woman behind a flaming heart and black eyed susans along the bottom and upper right corner
11x14 Mixed Media, 'Heart Fire' © 2019 Kimberly McGuiness


February 1, 2019

Apothecary: What's In Your Cabinet of Curiosities?

Apothecary the latest 11x14 mixed media piece from my art journal. Over a week and many hours to complete this one for sure is a story from my soul. Is there anything in this that resonates with you? What's in your cabinet of curiosities? I used acrylic, watercolor, ink, colored pencil...... the journey continues..... if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to this blog in the sidebar >>>>

mixed media by kimberly mcguiness with jars, a skull, a peacock, pink roses and hearts
©2019 Kimberly McGuiness


January 25, 2019

Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to shush your inner critic’s incessant nagging that you can’t do what you long to do… or aren’t good enough… or aren’t worthy…
… so that your curious, creative, playful self, the Muse, can finally let loose — inspiring you to embark on a liberating, life-enriching journey through the portal of your bold, boundless imagination…
If you’re longing to open to a life rich with creativity, vitality, and soul-satisfying fulfillment, I’m excited to introduce you to Shiloh Sophia, renowned visionary artist and founder of Intentional Creativity®.
On Saturday, January 26, Shiloh will guide you to take your first steps toward soaring past your limiting beliefs and lifestyle — and that nagging inner critic that keeps you there — during a free video event: Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic: 3 Experiential Practices to Awaken Hidden Self-Expression.
Shiloh lives life as a great adventure and communicates her philosophy of life through her paintings, poetry, teachings, and entrepreneurship. Her proven methods for “creating with mindfulness” have reached tens of thousands of students, helping them gain the insights needed to unlock the hidden self.
During these fun-filled 60 minutes with Shiloh, you’ll discover:
  • How the inner critic has been with you since childhood and why most of your attempts to break free are doomed to fail
  • A powerful tool you can use to seduce your critic into being your ally
  • Where the Muse hides — and how to invite her out
  • How to listen to the Muse and hear what she’s been wanting to tell you
  • Experiential practices to awaken your self-expression in a 20-minute mini-workshop
  • How unleashing your creativity can help you rewire your brain
This complimentary hour will provide you with fun and easy hands-on practices to start your own creative journey into authentic self-expression… and a more soul-led, joyous, and fulfilling life!
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how liberating your creative self can be the missing piece that propels you to take the next step in any area of your life.
It’s FREE to attend — simply register here now!  

See you in class!

P.S. Join us for Seduce the Muse & Tame Your Inner Critic: 3 Experiential Practices to Awaken Hidden Self-Expression, and welcome the adventurous, fun-loving part of you that can fully awaken your self-expression and coax your truest Self out of hiding!

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.