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October 22, 2015

1 of 22 Artists

If you missed the original announcement......Artsy Shark invited some artist friends to choose a piece of their delightful work to share. I'm one of the 22 artists featured in this ‪article by #‎artsyshark‬! Enjoy, and visit each artist’s website by clicking on their name in the article. 

©2015 Kimberly McGuiness 


September 24, 2015

A Messy Masterpiece

Sometimes I just have to throw it all in there and see what happens! This is the result of doing just that, paint, ink, paper, cardboard, more paint, more ink and paper. I created this piece as part of my homework awhile back when I was taking Robin Mead's Make Your Mark online course. Loved it by the way!
It was so much fun creating this piece, I worked really hard not to 'think' about it, but just do it instead. This was a real challenge, the perfectionist side kept screaming, WAIT, you can't do that! But I didn't listen and it felt so good!  Enjoy my messy masterpiece!


August 17, 2015

Lookbook Series 7: Lenny The Lizard

This lookbook is about a lizard named Lenny. He has been waiting patiently for his portrait to be brought to life. Lenny is a colorful character and doesn't like to blend in, but rather prefers to stand out. He's not perfect and he is ok with that... reminding us that by focusing on our strengths we can accomplish great things. Lenny enjoys exploring the garden and hanging out in the sun, bringing his own pallet of design and color into the world for inspiration. ~Enjoy

17x12 mat board first layer dollar store duck tape

close-up 2nd layer gesso on top of duck tape

tissue paper and many layers of paint colors on top of gesso

black line illustration after chalk draft

starting to add color between the lines

details on Lenny before adding his color detail

some of Lenny's colors

close-up of texture, details, and color

finished piece 17x12 mixed media on mat board

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Let me know how you like Lenny and what he has inspired you to create!


July 20, 2015

Lookbook Series 6: Lady Night N' Gale

This piece of work is mixed media on 11 x 14 wrapped canvas. Lady Night N' Gale is a work I've been wanting to do for awhile and I love how she presents herself. I hope you enjoy her just as much!

The beginnings of the background

more layers added to the background and starting to add color

The finished piece!
Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Know someone who would be interested in this process? Please share.


July 13, 2015

Lookbook Series 5 : Gypsy Bottle

This work is mixed media on 17 3/4 x 12 1/2 cardboard. When I start a new piece of work I have the starting point in my mind and the vision.. or so I think! The piece always, for me anyway, takes on its own personality. From the beginning to the end, the energy from each creation guides me throughout the process, digging deep into my soul of intuition. Enjoy Gypsy Bottle!

Added layers of color for the background and then hand drew the lines.

After thinking about the direction of this piece for several days, I decided to start adding color. 

I did a white acrylic wash for the base on the flower petals

Added some details and a liquid metal gold paint for the necklace around the base of the bottle.

Finished up with details... final piece!
Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Know someone who would be interested in this process? Please share.


June 29, 2015

Lookbook Series 13: Girl In The Garden

This work is the result from an e-course I took from Robin Mead recently. I love her work, she is such an inspiration to me.

'Girl In The Garden' reflects all that I learned in Robin's course and my love for flowers. I so love walking through the gardens, each time seeing something new all the time wishing I could be a little fairy girl fluttering about to one flower and then another, just sitting on their little flower heads in amazement that such beauty can come from such a tiny little seed. ~ Enjoy

line drawing on 11x17 smooth bristol paper

starting to add layers of paint for color

used the stamps I created for the e-course and added more color and texture

starting to some details and color here and there

close up of finished piece with fine details and layers

full view of the final art piece

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Know someone who would be interested in this process? Please share.


June 12, 2015

Theme: Botanical

The Contemporary Art Gallery Online has monthly themes for artists to submit their 2d and 3d creations for the competition. For June, I entered in 5 images I took in my garden. For those who follow and know me know I love to paint, draw and photograph flowers. I'm just so amazed that such beauty can come from such a tiny little seed.
©2015 Kimberly McGuiness, Via CAGO
These are my entries For June's Botanical theme. The group exhibition for all artist who entered work will be through the month of June. Competition results will be posted June 15th and the online art exhibition closes and is archived June 30, 2015.

You can view all the entries on the CAGO website they are listed in no particular order. Be sure to click on the 4 squares in the upper right corner of the page for a list of thumbnails. You can then click on individual images to learn more about them.  Enjoy, there are some awesome entries for this theme!

June 4, 2015

Lookbook Series 4

I love looking at others people's art and getting inspiration. These flowers on 12 x12 mat board are just that, an inspiration from the iconic Lilly Pulitzer Brand. Enjoy...
I started with a 12x 12 mat board and acrylic paints in Wasabi, Hauser Light Green, Sea Breeze, Fuchsia, Dragon Fruit, & Razzle Berry

I started with the darker pink and made flowers shapes randomly without thinking too much about it. Without rinsing my brush, I then went back over the same shapes with the next lightest color and repeated until I used all the pinks.

Next I added leaves again randomly and started with the darker green and then the lighter green. 
Next I went back with the Sea Breeze color and filled in all around the flowers and leaves, leaving just a hint of white around them. This shows a close up view and I also went back and added a baby pink color to the flowers, I felt like they needed it. 
This is my final piece. After everything dried well I went back with a fine point sharpie to add the black lines, this is something I do to almost all of my pieces, It's kind of a signature of mine and I like the way it adds to the piece. 
Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Know someone who would be interested in this process? Please share.


May 4, 2015

Lookbook Series 3

I'm all about experimentation with my art, particularly on wood. I like the smell of fresh wood, you know that smell in the lumber department.... ahh. Seriously though, I like to see how my work presents itself on wood and the different shapes of wood. Does it look good, cute, whimsical, am I happy with it or do I just start over. This lookbook shows my experiment on a fence picket, I call it an 'Art Pick It'. I enjoyed the process, it was fun to do and the final piece, well, I just love and a little texture of the wood even came through! This one sold already, but I have another one completed and a third in the works, both of which are not exactly the same but go through the same process. Enjoy!

gesso on raw wood and first layer of color

adding color in my layers

background and starting outline complete

starting to fill in with paint

adding details and the side of the wood

close-up of top and bottom 

final piece all images ©2015 Kimberly McGuiness
Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Know someone who would be interested in this process? Please share.


April 30, 2015

Lookbook Series 2

This work is a 12x12 mixed media piece on canvas. I love flowers and I tend to create more of these kind of pieces. Enjoy!

All Images ©2015 Kimberly McGuiness
Thank you for taking a few minutes to have a look, I'm forever grateful!


April 9, 2015

Formality Isn't Perfect

Over the past several years, I’ve been drawing pictures of flowers in the garden from photographs I take of them in my art journals. I’ve completed 2 journals and I’m 3/4 complete on my third. Some of my inspiration comes from reading an inspirational article from someone else. I then take those words and draw a picture of how it made me feel or what came to my mind's eye when I read those words.I’m also a quote person, I just adore a good inspirational quote. Sometimes the words come to me for my own such as this image from my current art journal.
©2013 Kimberly McGuiness
This drawing is from a photograph I took of this yellow rose enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Even with the sometimes imperfect leaves and thorny attitude the rose isn’t perfect. We are use to the beauty and formality a rose carries, the color, smell, the meaning, all enabling us to overlook any blemishes giving the illusion of perfection.


April 1, 2015

Thank You I Made The Top 20

Thank you so very much to all those who voted for my clutch bag design over at Bags of Love ! I made it onto the 20 runners up list with your help and votes.

Check out all the winners at Bags of Love and a BIG THANK YOU to all again for your support of my work. I'm forever grateful!

PS. Something exciting is coming on Monday! Sign up to follow the blog so you won't miss it!


March 5, 2015

Mixed Media: One Of My Favorite Art Forms

©2015 Kimberly McGuiness
Mixed media one of my favorite art forms to create is a fantastic medium of sorts for the perfectionist in me. There are no rules and the imperfections add to the overall final piece forcing me to not be so perfect. I love the organic flow of mixed media and the elements one can use to create such a piece are endless.

I often use canvas or mat board, recycled cardboard, wood, and mixed media 90lb paper. I begin with my first layer by adding color to whatever ‘canvas’ I’m using, usually colors that complement one another. I usually make a bunch of backgrounds at one time and when I’m done, my first piece is dry and I can start the next layer. I like to use stencils for my second layer mainly flowers, foliage, cured lines anything organic looking. Once the piece is dried I then go back with a black waterproof pen and do the outlines and add details. For me, the imperfections in a mixed media piece add such interesting character that it makes the art that much more beautiful and unique.
©2014-15 Kimberly McGuiness
I love quotes and positive words so adding them to my mixed media pieces brings me great joy. Each one is unique blossoming with color and positive energy. Once the words are added I outline them in the same black ink and move on to adding brown ink around the edges. I shift on to adding a hint of color by troweling it on with a palette knife for a grunge look and finally adding my signature black paint lines completing the piece. My signature style of mixed media work can be seen in the shop.

March 2, 2015

Healthy Heart: Thank You For Voting

Thank you to everyone who supported me by voting for my heart in the Rome Community Heart Project this year.
photo courtesy of Rome Area Council For the Arts
If you missed the posts earlier during the progress to finished heart, you can get them by clicking on these links. Heart Project Post I   and Heart Project Post II.

Again, Thanks everyone for your support and I hope to have the opportunity again next year to participate with some awesome, local, and very talented artist!

February 26, 2015

Mixed Media To Abstract

Mixed media is so much fun for me. I don't have to worry about perfection and staying within the lines, I can sling paint however and wherever I want too! Some of my favorite things to use for my base when creating mixed media art pieces are mat board, cardboard, mixed media paper, and wood. I do use traditional back stapled canvas on occasion but for me I find it to be too bouncy, however, I do like the canvas panels as they are more rigid. 
©2015 Kimberly McGuiness
This example was created using mixed media paper. Once the piece was completed I scanned the art into my photoshop program, saved the original digital version and then started to play with filters. This is the end result, an abstract created from the original mixed media artwork. Now I have a completely new piece of work to add to my product line. I can also take this original digital image created from the work above and create another new piece and then repeat over and over. 
©2015 Kimberly McGuiness
Technology can allow for so many options to create new original digital art pieces with the click of the mouse the possibilities are endless. Now go create something beautiful!