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January 29, 2015

Organic Illustration

©2015 Kimberly McGuiness
My illustration work is very organic and for the most part, is produced completely by free hand. Sometimes I know what the drawing will be and sometimes I don’t. I start with an idea and the work evolves from there with fine lines, broad strokes, great detail, and color.

I’m most influenced by the textures from my garden. The flowers have their own unique parade of designs to showcase so I look at them for inspiration in the spring and summer months in my area. In the fall, I’m inspired by the spent flower heads and the seed pods they produce while spreading their love across the grounds for another generation to blossom. The winter months are great for seeing the details of plant and tree branches that would otherwise be covered with leaves and blossoms. 

Every time I begin a new design I always start with a pencil to paper for my draft of the lines. When I’m happy I begin to ‘black ink’, a term I use to go over the pencil lines, for what will be the outline of the final piece. Once the black ink is complete I erase the pencil marks and begin adding detail. When I’m happy with everything I then ‘color ink’ the piece if I’m using ink. Sometimes I use colored pencils. I prefer the Prismacolor colored pencils because they have soft clay which makes it easy to blend the colors. Depending on the voice of the artwork, I’ll sometimes us a combination of ink and colored pencil. 
©2015 Kimberly McGuiness
I’m also influenced greatly by the patterns and colors in other cultures and will add those to my work as well or complete an entire piece with nothing but pattern. But I have to say, flowers are one of my most favorite things to draw making each one unique in its own way with fanciful petals and designer stems to help them reach the sky and leaves that could be their wings if they wanted to fly.