Lookbook Series 13: Girl In The Garden ~ Kimberly McGuiness Art & Design

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June 29, 2015

Lookbook Series 13: Girl In The Garden

This work is the result from an e-course I took from Robin Mead recently. I love her work, she is such an inspiration to me.

'Girl In The Garden' reflects all that I learned in Robin's course and my love for flowers. I so love walking through the gardens, each time seeing something new all the time wishing I could be a little fairy girl fluttering about to one flower and then another, just sitting on their little flower heads in amazement that such beauty can come from such a tiny little seed. ~ Enjoy

line drawing on 11x17 smooth bristol paper

starting to add layers of paint for color

used the stamps I created for the e-course and added more color and texture

starting to some details and color here and there

close up of finished piece with fine details and layers

full view of the final art piece

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Know someone who would be interested in this process? Please share.