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June 4, 2015

Lookbook Series 4

I love looking at others people's art and getting inspiration. These flowers on 12 x12 mat board are just that, an inspiration from the iconic Lilly Pulitzer Brand. Enjoy...
I started with a 12x 12 mat board and acrylic paints in Wasabi, Hauser Light Green, Sea Breeze, Fuchsia, Dragon Fruit, & Razzle Berry

I started with the darker pink and made flowers shapes randomly without thinking too much about it. Without rinsing my brush, I then went back over the same shapes with the next lightest color and repeated until I used all the pinks.

Next I added leaves again randomly and started with the darker green and then the lighter green. 
Next I went back with the Sea Breeze color and filled in all around the flowers and leaves, leaving just a hint of white around them. This shows a close up view and I also went back and added a baby pink color to the flowers, I felt like they needed it. 
This is my final piece. After everything dried well I went back with a fine point sharpie to add the black lines, this is something I do to almost all of my pieces, It's kind of a signature of mine and I like the way it adds to the piece. 
Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Know someone who would be interested in this process? Please share.