August 2015 ~ Kimberly McGuiness Art & Design

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August 17, 2015

Lookbook Series 7: Lenny The Lizard

This lookbook is about a lizard named Lenny. He has been waiting patiently for his portrait to be brought to life. Lenny is a colorful character and doesn't like to blend in, but rather prefers to stand out. He's not perfect and he is ok with that... reminding us that by focusing on our strengths we can accomplish great things. Lenny enjoys exploring the garden and hanging out in the sun, bringing his own pallet of design and color into the world for inspiration. ~Enjoy

17x12 mat board first layer dollar store duck tape

close-up 2nd layer gesso on top of duck tape

tissue paper and many layers of paint colors on top of gesso

black line illustration after chalk draft

starting to add color between the lines

details on Lenny before adding his color detail

some of Lenny's colors

close-up of texture, details, and color

finished piece 17x12 mixed media on mat board

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look, I'm forever grateful. Let me know how you like Lenny and what he has inspired you to create!