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January 1, 2017

A Humble Little Bird

I’ve come to realize I have always had a love for mixed media, but never really took the time to develop it into my own style. This is my first mixed media project and an exploratory piece of sorts on an 8x10 gallery wrapped canvas from 2014. I keep it on the wall in the studio to remind me each day how far I've come in 3 years.
©2014 Kimberly McGuiness
It's a humble little piece, one that I couldn't stop looking at when it was finished. This little bird will always be with me cheering me on to reach higher, to spread my wings wide, to not be afraid to break through barriers, walk through doors yet to be explored and see how far I can go. After all, there are no boundaries other than the ones we set on ourselves. I have discovered a new love, a new art form, where mistakes are encouraged and layers are expected. As the quote on this piece reads, " There is a miracle in every new Begining", 2017 will be a new beginning of experiments, explorations, learning, teaching, and sharing. Thank each of you for following along with me on a new year of discoveries. ~Blessings, Love & Light~