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January 10, 2017

A Piece of My Soul

jumping in to share a piece of my soul with you, vulnerable, YES...authentically me, ALWAYS.....It's not pretty or perfect nor does it matter or come with a sale price..... but it's real and what it represents to me is priceless.... my own release of sorts, of knowing the path I'm on with the people I'm with at this time in my life is as it should be. No matter the challenges, the disappointments or the what if's.....my work is ever evolving, the learning and growing will never stop but only fuel my passion, staying focused on the goal.....
I'm free from the bonds that once kept my heart & soul from my dreams. My tears of joy are but ripples in a pond as I move forward toward an ocean of possibilities. ~Kimberly McGuiness, 2016 ~enjoy