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January 24, 2017

Exploring Watercolor

Watercolors are one of the things on my list to explore and learn more about this year because working with watercolor is certainly not my forte. Then again, I'm no expert on anything except curiosuity and trying new things. I love to get my hands on things I haven't yet added to my work and see if the process and medium are a good fit. 
For me, does it flow right for me, is it an aggravating process, too much work, expensive, worth my time, etc. Watercolor is something I never thought I would give a second look at let alone pick up a brush and try my hand at it. Why would I? I thought. Watercolor can't be easily controlled like acrylic paint and it pushes me out of my comfort zone but, I must say surprisingly I like it! The above piece is inspired by a class I'm taking, Into The Myst by Katrina Koltes

Here are a few more pieces I created using watercolor and watercolor paper. These are mixed media as are all of my pieces because I can't only use just one thing. Thanks so much for reading this post.