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February 9, 2017

Keeping Our Emotional Status In Check

So how do we keep our emotional status in check? We need a release, a release with no judgment and one with unconditional love and forgiveness, for me its art.  
©2017 Kimberly McGuiness
My daughter Julia is 28 and living with deaf-autism. Managing her business of disability is a daunting task. The most solid of foundations within a family can be strained by the weight on one’s shoulders each day and the never-ending emotional roller coaster. 
©2017 Kimberly McGuiness
Julia’s life journey has brought many emotions to the table, with some not being so pretty. The road has been bumpy, rough, smooth, twisted, and mountainous, with an ocean full of dos and don'ts. My art has been my venue for release and comfort, it holds no verdict. From the beginning to the completion, the energy released through the wedge of a big fat black marker into the canvas flowing with the boldest of words will forever live in the depths of the layers.
'We Are Here' ©2017 Kimberly McGuiness
'We Are Here', the title for this 30x44 repurposed wrapped canvas. Take notice of how it speaks to you....This was my most emotional and deepest reaching release to date.'We Are Here' represents for me the never-ending need for strength, hope, love, guidance and comfort from my rivers of pain and tears. The symbolism is a reminder of never forgetting what is always near when I need it the most.