March 2017 ~ Kimberly McGuiness Art & Design

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March 21, 2017

Sapphire: an exceptional existence

Sapphire is from the royal family of wisdom, seeker of spiritual truth and will never compromise her integrity. Magnificent in her discipline, she perches on this same branch watching, waiting and opening her mind to the beauty the sunset has to offer. Reflecting and embracing the joy and power in the transition of each day into night, Sapphire is encouraged by her ability to manifest her ideas into dreams and her dreams into reality. Deeper levels of meditation at this time restores her balance within, allowing her to stay focused on her goals, while never losing site of being true to her.
©2017 Kimberly McGuiness
Sapphire is a 13x17 Oval mixed media piece includes frame and glass. I used acrylic, Koi brush pens, Prisma colored pencils, gel pens, ink, wite-out pen gelatos, gold metal acrylic and 2 coats protective spray. ***SOLD***

March 16, 2017

Queen of Hearts

Introducing the Queen of Hearts. Her stone facade is only a mask for the deeply embedded pain she carries with her. She once spent her life in love only to be broken by the lies and relentless emotional whips of what felt like the blade of a 2 edge sword. The Queen has worked hard to remove the heavy baggage from her life only to be broken hearted again and again. Through her misery she came to realize, her suitors only loved her for her possessions, not for her ability to give graciously her unconditional love and comfort. She now carries with her the hearts of those who have scared her, forever surrounding her with the reminders of her heartache and despair.
©2017 Kimberly McGuiness
This piece is an 11x14 mixed media on smooth bristol paper. I used watercolor, ink, wite-out pen, gel pens, acrylic. Thanks for taking the time to look.

March 12, 2017

Lookbook Series 8: Creating Backgrounds

One of my most favorite things to do is create my own backgrounds to use in other projects. I've used them on canvas, on wood, to make envelopes, cards, the possibilities are endless. if I could give one tip it would be to make sure if at all possible is to scan in the background and save it to your computer, this way you'll have it to print and use in other projects. If you can't scan it in at the very least take a photo of it email it to yourself is using your phone or save it from your camera to your computer.
©2017 Kimberly McGuiness
Another most favorite thing to do is to use my backgrounds in digital art to create original pieces, with technology these days your are really only limited to your imagination. This lookbook shows pictures from beginning to end of how I made a background starting with a blank piece of newsprint paper. You can find it at home depot where they have the boxes, bubble wrap and stuff for moving. You can also find it at Walmart. Enjoy and thank for taking the time......
Start with newsprint paper, kraft paper or what ever you have on hand
I started the first layer by squeezing some paint onto the paper and going over it with a brayer

continue as in the first layer adding color and going over it with a brayer in between colors
for the next layers I start by using a top from a washi tape tube (left) and glue stick (right) use what ever you have on hand to make marks, it doesn't have to be round
after I added by circles and while the paint was still wet I took a comb and pulled it across the entire paper creating streaks from the wet paint
here I'm taking an old credit card to make more marks I dipped it in paint and then scrapped it across the paper. You can see on one side of the card the edge is uneven  I used a pair of scissors, you know the ones with the different shapes on the blades to cut the card it works as another way to make marks and especially in a think layer like of gesso or moulding paste.
I find myself looking differently at things in the sense of, Oh that would make a cool pattern, mark or stamp and nothing is off limits including the bottom of this celery stalk. Just like we did in our younger days with potatoes did the celery in paint and stamp it on your paper. They can make the neatest abstract roses.
In this last step I took a palette tool put the bottom of it in white paint and lightly dragged it across the paper in various places until I was happy with the end result.
This is what the final piece looks like, just keep adding marks and having fun until you are happy with your background. This is also a great way to experiment with different things and see what marks they make and whether or not you like them. 
I got hooked on making my own backgrounds after taking Robin Mead's Class Make Your Mark. It's a great fun class to pick up some good tips to experiment with and possibly coming up with some of your own for creating backgrounds and using in your work. So go get those hands dirty and have some fun!