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June 23, 2017

The Butterfly Tree

A gathering place for transformers in flight to replenish the vitality of their painted wings with the sweetness of the flower, giving them the strength to flutter about in my presence reminding me that no matter how high the mountains I may have to climb, or the potholes or bumps along my path, when I stay focused on the goal anything becomes possible and I can transform my dreams into reality, flutter by butterfly you are a painted canvas in my garden. ~Kimberly McGuiness

©Kimberly McGuiness~Contact me is interested in purchasing this original piece
This is an 11x14 mixed media on Strathmore Smooth Bristol. I used watercolor, ink, paper, salt, matte gel, acrylic, white uni-ball Signo pen, black Posca pen, protective spray. Thank you for looking!

June 13, 2017

Look Book Series 10: Creating Artist Trading Cards

In this Look Book post I share with you the steps to creating a background for my ATC's or Artist Trading Cards I'm making for the Summer Swap over in my group. I love making backgrounds to use in my mixed media projects here is another Look Book on creating backgrounds you may find helpful for your projects. ~enjoy

supplies I used to create the backgrounds

I used a large piece of packing paper or news print paper
 then I squirted paint on the paper and rolled over it with a brayer

keep repeating adding paint and rolling over it with the brayer
turning your paper a quarter turn in any direction after each color
this adds interest and moves the paint in different directions
keep adding color until you are happy with it

when the paint layers are dry you can use stamps you've made yourself
or store bought, here I've used both, you can also add shapes of your liking
using tops from glue sticks, washi tape container, a glass, empty toilet paper roll.
Th pink looking circles in this photo are made from a used lamp part that was no longer needed.

once the paper is dry turn it over and glue your cards face down onto the paper.
I like to use playing cards because they are the right size and can be found for $1 at dollar stores

Use your brayer to go over the cards as you glue them down to secure a good bond.
I used Liquitex Matte Gel. I would not recommend Mod Podge, it's great for somethings
but in this application not so good. When you mail you cards they will get stuck once
heated up from being in the mail. This can create a less than nice
looking card for the person receiving it and possibly unusable.

Once your cards have dried overnight cut them out.
Now you are ready to art up your stack of yumminess however you like! 

Don't forget to add info about your ATC to the back. Check out what I created and use for mine. Hope you've found this useful in some way. I'd love for you to join us for the Summer Swap over in my group!

June 6, 2017

This Time I Fell In Love

So way back when, actually years ago, I came across Artists Trading Cards (ATC) and didn't really pay them that much attention, they seemed like a lot of work and at the time I didn't really want to get into creating them. Well ATC's has crossed my path again and this time I fell in love! I'm in a couple of trading groups and I have to say they are so much fun! Meeting people making new creative friends, for me it's how I travel the world and I love it! So what I want to do is this.... I'm going to be making a 52 card deck of trading cards for members of my group to trade with me. My goal is to do this 4 times a year, one deck for each season and we'll start with summer. Why 52 cards? Because I can get them at the dollar store for a buck, they are already cut and are the right size and thickness. I just need to art them up and add the info on the back.
Join Today, I Trade anywhere in the World with a mailing address!

It would make me so very happy if you wanted to participate. All you have to do is join my Facebook Group, Kimberly McGuiness Art Coterie your investment is your creative time and cost of a stamp.

What is the Coterie? This is a group of like-minded people who are my friends, collectors of my work or who just want to follow along and support my art journey. I'll post behind the scenes happenings from the studio, my work for sale, trade, giveaways, info, tips, and techniques which have helped me along my art journey. Group Members and newsletter subscribers will also get first notice of sales and special offers happening in my online shops. If you are new to my work, when you sign up for my newsletter you'll get 4 free coloring pages created by using my own artwork. See you over in the group!

June 1, 2017

I've Been Doing Some Trading

Artists Trading Cards are so fun to create. They are little works of original art on a 2x3 card, a deck of playing cards are the perfect size and you can find them at the dollar store! Strathmore has more info about ATC you may find interesting.
Here 's my stack of yumminess headed out next week for an international swap.

©2017 Kimberly McGuiness