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June 6, 2017

This Time I Fell In Love

So way back when, actually years ago, I came across Artists Trading Cards (ATC) and didn't really pay them that much attention, they seemed like a lot of work and at the time I didn't really want to get into creating them. Well ATC's has crossed my path again and this time I fell in love! I'm in a couple of trading groups and I have to say they are so much fun! Meeting people making new creative friends, for me it's how I travel the world and I love it! So what I want to do is this.... I'm going to be making a 52 card deck of trading cards for members of my group to trade with me. My goal is to do this 4 times a year, one deck for each season and we'll start with summer. Why 52 cards? Because I can get them at the dollar store for a buck, they are already cut and are the right size and thickness. I just need to art them up and add the info on the back.
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It would make me so very happy if you wanted to participate. All you have to do is join my Facebook Group, Kimberly McGuiness Art Coterie your investment is your creative time and cost of a stamp.

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