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August 3, 2017

Butterflies: A Reminder Time Is Short

Each element from beginning to end in this latest piece of my work is one that was led by intuition and spirit. Birthed from an idea and transformed into meaning and purpose.

©Kimberly McGuiness

Last year we had a butterfly nursery of sorts in the garden with a host of fluttering little canvases flitting about from flower to flower. We watched as some eggs were laid on the passion flower vines to begin their early life as a caterpillar. Seeing the tiny little things grow from no more than a speck to a very hungry caterpillar munching away on the host plant and fruit is nothing more than amazing.

©Kimberly McGuiness

We watched as each caterpillar knew when the time was right to find a good hooking up spot. Beginning the process and retreating within the chrysalis where it undergoes a transformation only to emerge reborn as a beautiful winged butterfly.

© Kimberly McGuiness

For me, butterflies bring hope, joy, creativity and the possibility of transformation we may be seeking within ourselves. We too can experience alteration when we retreat to our own cocoon and open ourselves to receiving the knowledge and magnificent miracle that life can bring. Butterflies are a reminder through its own short splendid and magical life that time moves quickly. The divine presence and magic in all of life are to embrace and tune into the needs to be enjoyed now in every moment, within every breath across all humanity…..time is short.

©Kimberly McGuiness

I had so much joy in creating this mixed media piece. My hope is you find some joy in it too. I used, repurposed wall paper for the substrate, acrylic, cheese cloth, paper, vintage music, joint-compound, stabilo all pencil, ink, Liquitex gold acrylic, molding paste, 3 coats of protective spray.