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August 21, 2017

Eclipse Day Photo Shoot In The Studio

Besides being an artist, getting my hands in all kinds of things for my next mixed media project, I like to also dabble in photography. I've loved it my whole life. I guess it's something enduring about a moment captured in time. Knowing you will never get the exact moment back live, the visual will be an eternal connection. Nature, flowers, butterflies bouncing about in my garden and any other happenings from the petals and stems of natures canvas are my most favorite to photograph. But today is a photo shoot day in the studio.

I'm photographing my work for my website and some other projects coming up using my makeshift lightbox.

It's a process for sure because after all of this photo taking things then move to the editing, cropping and Photoshop is my go to for it. I'm not an expert in either Photoshop or photography but I'm always learning and what I do know currently works for me.