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December 30, 2017

Blue Muse~ She Who Seeks Stillness

This piece is inspired by Shiloh Sophia and her session in the #womanunleashed online retreat. But you know what the best part about this piece is? I recorded my time with her, listening, struggling, listening more, struggling more, but I kept listening to what she had to tell me and show me. 
©2017 Kimberly McGuiness
There are 5 video 'sections' raw unedited I want to share with you because you will see the struggle, you will see the listening, you will see life around me continue to happen,you will see the process of her evolve into quite meditation, and stillness reminding me to forever be still and listen to the muse and what she has to offer, what she has to tell and show.

This is a 16x20 on wrapped canvas I used acrylics and 2 coats of protective spray. Enjoy the videos I hope you find value in them and perhaps there will be a message you take away to help you where you are in this moment. Comments are welcome below and should you be called to create by your muse I'd love to see your process and here your story, just post them below. Thanks for being here.