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January 6, 2018

How To: Create Abstract Backgrounds Series #2

This series was inspired by my very talented friend Robin over at Robin Mead Designs. She uses vibrant color to bring joy into her day and to those who see her work. I'm starting a mini series on how I create abstract backgrounds on 9x12 mixed media paper. Once complete the background can be used in other creative projects, crafts or as an art piece on it's own just add a frame! Read on.... I'm having a giveaway in this series too!
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In these short videos I used acrylic, ink, stamps, and mark making tools, like combs, old caps from used glue sticks, old junk credit card, (you know the ones you get in the junk mail wanting you to sign up for whatever offer), my fingers and home-made stamps.

Giveaway Prize
The original backgrounds I created in this video series to use in your own creative projects, crafts, journals, hang on the wall, whatever you choose.

How to Enter
Comment on and share each post. There are 7 videos I'll share in this series I'll pick a winner on Monday January 15th! Thanks for being here I hope you enjoy the video. :)