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February 15, 2018

Keepers to the Fire of Life

This piece is an inspiration from my imagination and is a wonderful representation of the style of work I enjoy the most. I love the process of creating a piece of work that tells a story or one that takes you on a journey of sorts to a place away from your own current position in the world, even if only for a moment. I like the challenge I give myself in creating a piece such as this and one that I enjoy the process , the tools, what the piece has to say and wants to add to the story. ‘Keepers to the Fire of Life’ is the 3rd piece in my ‘Around the World Series’.
©2018 Kimberly McGuiness
Spring brings about change, life, renewing and transformation from what may have been a very cold, dark winter and all the emotions that may keep us from running at our highest during the winter months. This piece represents the will, power, fire and energy to new life and transformation.
©2018 Kimberly McGuiness
In the winter renewed life and transformations sleep and rest deep within the ruins beyond winters reach storing up the seeds of renewed life and stoking the fire waiting to burst into form with mighty will, wisdom and power when the time comes. Life is sacred. Renewing and transformation are sacred.
©2018 Kimberly McGuiness
©2018 Kimberly McGuiness

What is it within you needing life or renewed life? Do you have the will, power, fire and energy to bring about the transformation? Will you seek the wisdom you need to bring about those changes in the rebirth of spring?



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