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April 10, 2018

I Give It All To You

One of the things I’ve learned when creating my art is to ‘listen’ to the piece and what it wants to become. When I start a new work I have a vision, thought, idea or whatever you call it, it’s a starting point. Once I get to building the basic foundation the art begins to ‘reveal’ what it really wants to express. Not all pieces are like this though. Once the foundation is created for what I thought in my mind was going to be a great piece, I wasn’t ‘feeling it’. The work then just sits, hanging out in the studio around all the other goodness happening, moving from one spot to the next until I ‘know’ what it wants, what the work is calling or screaming for,(sometimes at 3am) but until this happens, the work could be hovering about for weeks! I know my artists friends know exactly what I’m talking about, it’s madness, but in an awesome way in the end when you step back and finally see how the piece exposes itself.

However, in this instance, I was gently guided from one section to the next for ‘I Give It All to you’. I started with a sketch that came to mind which stayed in my book for a few weeks. Not because I didn’t know what direction it was going, but because I had other commitments to finish for clients. I was rather anxious to get my hands going on this one; I ‘knew’ exactly what the work was going to be …again so I thought! 

In creating this piece, I wanted to show with the texture of the heart both inside and out how sacred our heart space can be with the valleys of despair and darkness, the ridges of triumph, the rips of lost love and friendships, the tears of unconditional love, denial, anger and forgiveness. I know for me, very few are allowed in that space. God is one of them and He knows each valley, rip, torn and ridged peace of my heart and life.

When putting together pieces of this work, I felt surrounded by His Love and direction. It was if to ‘show me’ how easy it is to give it all to Him for healing. No matter the condition our heart, God can heal it, through the cross and nails of the piece to the rope which bonded Him is a reminder to us this is possible. I learned more how to listen and be guided by the presence of that which can heal through my art, my heart, my life and by sharing the work with you.

I’m currently enjoying this piece in my studio as a daily reminder to Give It All To Him. Just as the gradient of color lays the groundwork of this piece, it too is a reminder of trials and tribulations out of darkness guided by the light to healing within each of our hearts and lives. My blessing for you is this artwork resonates with all who see it in a way that can move you forward in a more positive way in your life.

Let me know in the comments below how this piece makes you feel and share this post with a friend, they may need to see this today.


April 3, 2018

The 100 Day Project Starts Today

Is a FREE global art project that anyone can participate in you can find out more about the project on the official #The100DAYPROJECT website and sign up if you want to participate. I'm participating this year for fun, to keep the creative inspiration flowing and to share the results with all of you in hopes you will find some inspiration for your day, creativeness or art journaling. Follow along with me on Instagram to see my daily posts and check out #kimberlymcguiness100daysofcreativeinspiration for posts specific to the project, either way thanks for sharing this post and following along.

All artwork created for this project will be original 3x5 mixed media pieces on paper using acrylic, ink, colored pencils & paper. They will also be available for purchase in my shop once they have been posted to Instagram. They will be just $22 each with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!